A Couple of Weeks to Save en-primeur

The 2014 Bordeaux en-primeur campaign started properly yesterday when the Sauternes Doisy-Daëne released its price. This was a fair start with this excellent estate releasing at the same price it has every year for the last 4 years. Today has seen the release of some other big-name Sauternes and the red wines Priere Lichine and Gazin.

wheel_looseThe en-primeur trading system has nearly been broken by the combination of expensive release prices in 2009 and 2010, followed by some unrealistic price expectations from many of the chateaux in each of the three following years. This has hurt many estates, some of whom have sold very little wine in the last three years; it has hurt the negociants who distribute these wines whose trade has been substantially down through this period, it has hurt wine investors who have seen the values of some of the superb 2009s and 2010s they bought fall rather than rise; it has hurt merchants who have seen trade slump and it has undoubtedly hurt the whole reputation of the trade. So there are plenty of people who want to see a good en-primeur campaign for the 2014s

Thankfully the strength of the pound against the euro means pricing should shift in favour of UK buyers. If proprietors hold or make slight cuts to the prices they released at last year there should be plenty of interesting wines to buy. If chateaux try and increase prices Coe Vintners won’t be recommending you buy.

The 2014 vintage is certainly a good one, at least as good as 2008 or 2012, but without reaching the heights of the great 2009 or 2010 vintages. There is a danger that with so many vested interests involved 2014 could be talked up as a vintage. My personal belief is it is a good to very good vintage, probably better than 2012, especially on the Medoc that at the right price will provide some superb drinking, but this is not a “must have vintage” for collectors, rather it is a “take it or leave it vintage” – one to buy if you like the prices or leave if you don’t.

Early pricing looks vaguely promising, let’s hope producers have realised this is a vintage where the market will set the price. If they do this we should be in for an interesting time in the next couple of weeks as you will be able to buy some exciting wines at appealing prices. Without this attitude however the Bordelais might as well abandon the whole apparatus for  selling en-primeur as it will have ceased providing any benefits to purchasers.

 To sign up for our en-primeur offer emails contact David Allen MW our Fine Wine Manager  finewines@coevintners.com or call on 020 8418 2823

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Domaine Zind Humbrecht, Alsace


crestThe Domaine Zind Humbrecht was created in 1959 by the fusion of two winegrowing families, the Humbrecht family from Gueberschwihr and the Zind family from Wintzenheim. The Humbrecht family has passed down a passion for wine making, from father to son since the seventeenth century. Through the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st, the domaine has been a pioneer in Alsace, paving an innovative path for the region.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s some of the greatest terroirs in Alsace were left abandoned. These terroirs were usually on steep slopes which made them difficult to work and lower yielding. The flatter and more fertile vineyards on the valley floor which were easier to cultivate became more sought after.  With his vision and focus on great terroir, Léonard Humbrecht (President of the “Syndicat de Defense des Grands Crus d’Alsace” and one of the lynchpins for the creation of the Grand Cru classification system in Alsace), decided to save these historic hillside vineyards. He started by acquiring parcels of vines in the areas where the two families already vineyards, in the villages of Gueberschwihr and Wintzenheim.  In this way the Domaine has expanded steadily, through selective vineyard purchases and exchanges the family holdings have increased from less than 5 hectares in the early 1960s to the 40 hectares the Domaine owns today.

2006 10 19 Rangen automne 074 - borderLéonard Humbrecht has always championed the concept of terroir, taking a long term view he sought to preserve and respect the overall health of his vineyards and vines, wherever possible he avoided the use of chemical sprays and artificial fertilisers which he believes can mask and alter the vineyard character. Léonard’s philosophy remains the core principle of the Domaine Zind Humbrecht, it guided his son Olivier to convert the estate to organic and then biodynamic agriculture starting in 1997 – this approach is based on respect for the terroir, it encourages strong healthy vines which cope better with disease and climatic extremes. Higher density planting together with the biodynamic regime mean lower grape yields which certainly contribute to a stronger expression of vineyard character – In the case of the Clos St Urbain Rangen vineyard the planting density is 10,000 vines/ha. As the vines mature the terroir character comes through strongly, and in great vineyards like the Rangen the terroir is so dominant that varietal character almost takes second place.
OH cave 2Léonard’s son, Olivier Humbrecht MW manages the estate and makes the wines. His rigorous analytical approach in the vineyard and winery has raised the DZH wines to new heights. Voted White Winemaker of the Year seven times by his peers. Olivier is widely considered to be one of the best winemakers in the world today.

Read the Zind Humbrecht files including full vintage reports from 1996 onwards

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New Year Bin End offers – Segunda parte!


Massuria, Bodegas José Mas 2007

I’m amazed to see we still have a few cases of this stunning Spanish red left, so for January we’ve gone a little crazy and lopped nearly 25% from the list price to get this moving.

Powerful, concentrated & complex, the wines of Bierzo – a tiny region of Northwest Spain – deliver hugely exciting, top quality reds year after year. José Mas is the brains behind Massuria and developed his winemaking skills at leading estates including Chateau Pétrus.

massuriaMas handpicks his Mencia grapes from a tiny parcel of low yielding, 60 year old vines. Using careful vinification techniques to extract best from the grapes, the wine is matured for up to 20 months in French barriques after fermentation. Barely 1,000 cases are produced each year.

Massuria is an outstanding example of what the Mencia grape is capable of in talented hands – this is a top quality wine exhibiting attractive notes of black fruit, combined with wet earth and Mediterranean herbs; a tightly-knit structure and refreshing and sophisticated finish.

At under £20 a bottle this wine is a steal.

Order a minimum of 12 bottles to take advantage of our January offer.

*Free Delivery for orders to most mainland UK addresses for orders over £300*
(The Highlands, Islands, N Ireland and some other areas are charged at cost)

List Price £298.70 per dozen  equivalent to £24.98 per bottle including VAT
Offer Price £237.60 per dozen  equivalent to £19.80 per bottle including VAT

Stocks are limited and will be sold on a first come first served basis.
Discounted price until end of January or when stock is sold out, whichever happens first!

To see our entire Fine Wine selection please take a look at our full list


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New Year Offers – part 1

25% off selected New World wines

After an exciting if unpredictable 2014, we look forward to what 2015 bring. December was our busiest to date, and while we still have a wide portfolio of wines to offer, we’re also keen to make room for more exciting wine parcels due in soon.  With this in mind we’ve been tidying up the warehouse – mindful that you too may be looking at sadly depleted wine racks as well, here’s your first chance to re-stock at a discount, with more offers to follow.

For this first offer we have selected some cracking bottles from the Southern Hemisphere for you to grab whilst you can – the following highly rated wines have been priced to clear with a whopping 25% discount on our list price when you buy a dozen or more bottles.

Please see the table below which shows prices, availability & wine scores.
Buy 12 or more bottles and receive the discounted prices shown.

Vintage Offer doz Offer bt critic score
Henry’s Drive, Reserve Shiraz, Padthaway 2003 £248.36 £20.70 RP 95 pts
Henry’s Drive, Shiraz, Padthaway 2003 £189.71 £15.81 RP 94 pts
Henschke, Cyril Cabernet Sauvignon, Eden Valley 2003 £454.25 £37.85 RP 92+ pts
Viking Wines, Odin’s Honour, Cab/Shiraz, Barossa 2002 £137.40 £11.45 James
Halliday 90 pts
Kay Brothers Amery Cabernet, McLaren Vale 2001 £211.25 £17.60 Jeremy Oliver 89 pts
Fox Creek, Fox & Hounds Shiraz Cab Sauv, McLaren Vale 2003 £116.75 £9.73 James Halliday 91 pts
Carménère-Syrah ‘Vertice’ Ventisquero 2006 £217.73 £18.14 RP 92 pts
Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Grey’ Ventisquero 2008 £138.29 £11.52 Value Brand of the Year, Wines & Spirits Mag


Stocks are limited and will be sold on a first come first served basis.
Case Discount until end of January or when stock is sold out, whichever happens first!

*Free Delivery for orders to most mainland UK addresses for orders over £300*
(The Highlands, Islands, N Ireland and some other areas are charged at cost)

Wishing you a Happy New Year from Coe Vintners Fine Wines.

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A Parcel of Mature Vintage Ports

We had a huge slice of luck recently when we were offered a marvellous cellar of venerable Vintage Ports. At this time of year we are delighted to be able to offer you an unrivalled selection of fully mature ports from top houses at prices we believe are very sharp. All have been stored in a cool, private cellar and all – save the Fonseca 1970* – are Oporto bottled and are in their original wooden cases.

Once they are over 30 years old Vintage Ports start to take on a whole new character- one that is more mellow, more subtle and wonderfully enticing. The red fruits and mouth-filling tannins of youth soften and smooth out producing a complex, figgy tasting, nectar that is smooth and rich with a myriad of nuances of spices and ripe fruits. These are truly special wines that are pure indulgence. Christmas pudding in a glass!…

*The Fonseca 1970 was bottled in London by Morgan Furze and is in its original cardboard cartons

1970 Fonseca
The bouquet opens beautifully with heady scents of clove, ginger, small red cherries, bergamot and allspice, displaying exquisite definition and harmony. The palate follows suit with lovely balance and poise in the mouth, notes of kirsch, shaved ginger and walnut building to an opulent, viscous finish that lacquers the mouth. Yet this bottle shows more control than the bottle tasted four years ago. The 1970 Fonseca is in a very nice place at the moment. You should join it. – Neal Martin 95/100

24 btls @ £1720.90 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £143.41 per bottle inc VAT

1975 Graham
…brown sugar and figgy nose, not completely knit: still fairly sweet, lacking a little flesh but nice flavour with refreshing dry finish. – Michael Broadbent M.W.

9 btls @ £630.00 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £52.50 per bottle inc VAT

1977 Graham
…extraordinary mélange of fragrances, pure liquorice, figs, strawberry, with citrus crispness; sweet, full-bodied, fleshy, soft, lovely fruit, balance and backbone. Flavour like liquorice ‘Pontefract cakes’… Great future.  – Michael Broadbent M.W.

52 btls @ £988.36 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £82.36 per bottle inc VAT

1977 Warre
This house makes rather restrained yet rich, flavorful vintage port…  The 1977 is quite powerful, very deep and intense, particularly for Warre. – Robert Parker jnr 92/100

12 btls @ £706.55 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £58.88 per bottle inc VAT

1980 Dow
This is an extraordinary house that seems to have been particularly successful with its vintage port since 1977. The 1980 is very, very good and certainly better than what this house produced in 1975 and 1970. – Robert Parker jnr 88/100

42 btls @ £698.40 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £58.20 per bottle inc VAT

1980 Taylor’s
This house must certainly be the Latour of Portugal. Their ports are remarkably backward yet still impressive when young. Of all the vintage ports, those of Taylor need the longest time to mature and even when fully mature seem to have an inner strength and firmness that keep them going for decades.  The 1980 is probably the best port of the vintage. – Robert Parker jnr 89/100

66 btls @ £660.00 dozen inc VAT,  equivalent to £55.00 per bottle inc VAT

1983 Dow
The 1983 is rich, concentrated, very fruity, and magnificently perfumed, suggesting that it is going to mature early, long before the 1977. – Robert Parker jnr 90/100

22 btls @ £579.55 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £48.30 per bottle inc VAT

1985 Warre
The 1985 is the sweetest and richest of the recent Warre vintages. Extremely concentrated, rich, even luscious, this full-bodied, intense, opulent wine has layers of fruit, a full-blown bouquet, and impeccable balance. The soft tannins and precocious appeal of the 1985 suggest rapid maturation. – Robert Parker jnr 90/100

48 btls @ £675.35 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £56.28 per bottle inc VAT

Other Ports Available 15/12/2014

1960 Taylors  47 btls @ £1683.94 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £140.33 per bottle inc VAT
1960 Fonseca  2 btls @ £1624.90 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £135.41 per bottle inc VAT
1966 Taylors  1 btl @ £1336.34 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £111.36 per bottle inc VAT
1977 Taylors  28 btls @ £1202.50 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £100.21 per bottle inc VAT
1985 Taylors  12 btls @ £772.34 dozen inc VAT, equivalent to £64.36 per bottle inc VAT

*Free Delivery for orders for orders over £300*

 Covers most mainland UK addresses – excludes Highlands, Islands, N Ireland and some other areas, these will be charged at cost, please ask for a quotation)

Wines, quantities available and prices were correct on day of offer 16th December 2014 but are subject to change without notice. Offered subject to availability


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Big Means Better – Magnum Offer

Save yourself opening two bottles this Season and go big with our fantastic selection of magnums!

These wines will not only look great beside your Christmas turkey, but taste fabulous too – Wine in larger bottles mature at a gentler rate than your standard bottle developing more subtlety and retaining freshness too, making these wines the perfect size for a celebration!

We are pleased to share an Aÿ Grand Cru Champagne from Henri Giraud, a wonderfully mature 2eme Cru Classe from Margaux and 2 sumptuous vintages of Chateau Saint Pierre from Pomerol.

Henri Giraud, Hommage à François Hémart, Äy Grand Cru NV

£1041.76 per dozen inc VAT, equivalent price per magnum £86.81

Henri GiraudMade only from Grand Cru fruit in the exceptional village of Aÿ (arguably the best village amongst the Grands Crus); this fabulous holding provides the most fantastic ripe fruit, resulting in lovely rich styles. As a small privately owned house, the Girauds oversee the whole production process, skillfully crafting their individualistic Champagnes to create incredible intensity, class and balance. Robert Parker awarded this 91 points.

“Bright and lustrous pale gold with a fine lively mousse of tiny, pin-prick bubbles rising persistently. The palate combines an open, lively, spontaneous and refreshing modern Champagne style with more classic notes. Notes of yeast, anise, stone fruit and dried apricot all combine in a long, complex finish.” 

70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. A real gem of a Champagne, and extraordinarily well priced.

Château Lascombes, 2ème Cru Classé Margaux 1996

£1200 per dozen inc VAT, equivalent price per magnum £100.00

LascombesA Second Growth wine at an unbeatable price! Lascombes has seen a steady rise in quality after vast investment in its cellars and an increase in its estate, with the addition of other plots to its vineyard area, bringing it up to its current 116 hectares.

“Plenty of time in bottle has seen this develop into a fully mature and wonderfully aromatic, “Lunchtime Claret”. An elegant wine with lovely perfumes, it has lost its childhood austerity and seen its tannins soften. The aromas have acquired a sweet red-fruit nature that belies a nice depth of flavour. High quality, mature wine at this price is a rare find.”   89/100 David Allen MW

Château Saint Pierre, Pomerol

An exclusive parcel of fabulous wine from a brilliant small Pomerol estate! This is a tiny property, producing just 1200 cases a year (about one third of Petrus’ production), lies at the heart of Pomerol, just a stone throw from Trotanoy, Vieux Chateau Certain and Le Pin. These are classic, traditional, elegant Pomerols – priced at a genuine steal!

StPierreChâteau Saint Pierre, Pomerol 2009
£805.19 per dozen inc VAT, equivalent price per magnum £67.10
Garnet colour. Pronounced aromas of fruitcake, spice and ripe, plummy fruit. The palate is soft, rich with plummy fruit flavours and notes of chocolate and a liquorice bite. The finish is long and balanced acidity keeps it fresh.

Château Saint Pierre, Pomerol 2001
£717.74  per dozen inc VAT, equivalent price per magnum £59.81.
Maturity has brought the classic Pomerol earthiness of this wine to the fore, aromas of prune and dark plum mingle with liquorice and forest floor notes on an elegant, well-structured palate. The wine retains a good freshness and its flavours lasts well.

Can’t decide? Buy a mixed case of any 6, and receive 5% off your order.

Free delivery for orders over £300 inc VAT to most UK mainland addresses
Highlands, Islands, N Ireland and other destinations are charged at cost, please ask for a quotation.

Cases can be mixed – please take a look at our Fine Wine list

Prices include VAT and were correct on day of offer 12th December 2014 but are subject to change without notice. Offered subject to availability

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A classic Rioja parcel – 2005 Rioja Vega Gran Reserva ‘edicion limitada’

Rioja Vega Gran Reserva Rioja 2005 – Late Release

Rioja Vega Gran Reserva 2005This limited edition bottling was shipped by us from the producer earlier this month – it’s a  classic Gran Reserva Rioja at a cracking price:

  • 100% Tempranillo
  • Aged for 3 years in new American oak barriques
  • Matured further in bottle at the estate for a further 6 years

Archetypal Rioja – Selected by the DOCa Rioja as the best example of it’s kind – In 2014 Rioja Vega Gran Reserva 2005 was chosen by a tasting panel of 12 experts from the D.O.Ca. Rioja region to be served at all institutional events hosted by D.O.Ca. Rioja at to be held this year in Spain and abroad. The wine beat off 154 other entries to win this honour.

Less than 1650 cases of this wine were produced, we have shipped a pallet or two direct from the producer from whom we’ve garnered a goodly amount of this delicious wine.

We can’t see this hanging around for long – best grab a few bottles or indeed a case now!

The wine combines the fruit power, richness and superb length of Tempranillo produced on an excellent hillside site with mellowness, a smooth structure and wonderful complexity created through maturing in small American oak cooperage. The wine has then harmonised and gained additional complexity through extended bottle aging.

This is everything a good modern Gran Reserva Rioja should be with its fruit still lively after 9 years in the producer’s cellars.

Price just £18.51 per bottle inc VAT (£222.16 per dozen)

Free delivery for orders over £300 inc VAT to most UK mainland addresses
Highlands, Islands, N Ireland and other destinations are charged at cost, please ask for a quotation.

Cases can be mixed – please take a look at our Fine Wine list

Prices include VAT and were correct on day of offer 18th November but are subject to change without notice.  Offered subject to availability

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Vintage Ports for the winter season

It’s not Christmas without a nice glass of Port in hand, and it is more like an institution in our household! Port is the perfect companion to winter puds and cheeseboards, then again the favourite tipple to sink into the sofa with when you’re stuffed to the brim. We’ve got three show-stoppers to share with you…

Burmester Vintage Port Burmester 1997

£590.57 dozen, equivalent per bottle £49.21 including VAT

As one of the first shippers of port to the UK, Casa Burmester holds a unique and venerable history. Today the company bridges the gap between the ages of existing tradition and the latest technologies, never forgetting the unique characteristics of the wines of the company. Hand crafted and typically styled, this is one of our favourites from our Burmester range, perfect for the season, at a great price.

Declared only in exceptional years exclusively from the best grapes of a single vintage, 1997 was a fantastic vintage for Burmester; Trophy winner at the International Wine Challenge 2000 & 2001, Decanter Magazine 1998 blind tasting, 4 stars. This wine shows wonderfully now and has great ageing potential.

The nose boasts sweet aromas of ripe fruits with attractive notes of cherries, blackberries, plums and raspberries. The palate is round, with good intensity and excellent, balanced tannins. The wine has a velvety texture that is followed by a fruity, fresh and persistent finish.

Try this with rich chocolate desserts, or blue and hard cheeses.

Dow1983Dow’s 1983

£579.55 dozen, equivalent per bottle £48.30 DP INC VAT

Founded over two centuries ago, and 100% family-owned. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Dow’s Vintage Ports have been landmark wines in virtually every great year, consistently setting the standards amongst all Port houses.

As the first British Port producer to invest extensively in premium vineyards, acquiring Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira in 1890 and Quinta do Bomfim in 1896; these superb vineyards are fundamental to the outstanding reputation that Dow’s has long enjoyed, contributing to the Dow’s unique and distinctive style.

This is an extraordinary house that seems to have been particularly successful with its vintage Port since 1977. The 1983 is rich, concentrated, very fruity, and magnificently perfumed – Robert Parker 90 points.

Graham1977Graham’s 1977

£988.34 dozen, equivalent per bottle £82.37 DP INC VAT

Graham’s has a reputation as a producer of outstanding Vintage Port for well over a century. These wines are renowned for their remarkable richness, concentration and firm tannic structure: a combination which yields impressive longevity, the result of the unique characteristics of the five vineyards that contribute to the Vintage Port. The 1977 is considered one of the very finest Vintages of the second half of the 20th century, widely regarded as second to none.

A superlative, powerful, big-hearted Port, with rich, complex fruit. Beautifully harmonious and well balanced; this excellent Vintage has the potential to continue developing in bottle for many years ahead.

‘Graham is another great Port house, producing one of the deepest-coloured and sweetest styles of vintage Port’ – Robert Parker 93 Points.


Free delivery for orders over £300 inc VAT to most UK mainland addresses
Highlands, Islands, N Ireland and other destinations are charged at cost, please ask for a quotation.

Cases can be mixed with other wines from our Fine Wine list

Prices include VAT and were correct on day of offer (13th November) but are subject to change without notice.  Offered subject to availability

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Outstanding mature Cru Classé Bordeaux offer

We always stock a wide range of mature red Bordeaux wines from excellent vintages, but for the approaching festive season we would like to highlight a few great wines currently available – all are drinking now and from our own stock.

LeovilleBarton2001 - borderLéoville-Barton, 2ème Cru Classé, St Julien 2001
£54.55 btl / £654.60 dzn ex VAT

Deep, dark, opaque ruby red colour. Aromas are of ripe red fruits vanilla cocoa butter and chocolate. Tannins are plentiful and silky, and fresh crispness lifts the cassis and redcurrant fruit on the mid palate. New oak notes predominate, but some fruit emerges from behind it to give a nice long finish.  David Allen MW

An outstanding offering… Civilized and approachable for a young Leoville-Barton, it exhibits a saturated plum/purple color along with classic Bordelais aromas of damp earth, creme de cassis, smoke, vanillin, and tobacco. Medium to full-bodied and rich, with high but well-integrated tannin, and a long, 40+ second finish, it should turn out to be a brilliant effort, and one of the stars of the Medoc. However, patience is essential. Anticipated maturity: 2008-2020.   Robert Parker Jnr 92/100

LynchBages_Large - borderLynch-Bages, 5ème Cru Classé, Pauillac 1995
£107.88 btl / £1294.60 dzn ex VAT

Deep, dark, ruby red colour. Very ripe cassis fruit and vivid cedar aromas on the nose. Velvety smooth tannic structure and weighty, quite warm and alcoholic, a touch more acidity would pep it up a little. The wine’s quite big fruit copes well with its plentiful oak elements.     David Allen MW

This is a beautiful wine with an evolved personality and low acidity. The wine exhibits abundant quantities of earthy, smoke and tobacco-tinged, black currant fruit, rich, concentrated, medium to full-bodied flavors, and moderate tannin in the long finish. It is successful, but nowhere near full maturity. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2020.
Robert Parker Jnr 91/100

LynchBages_Large - borderLynch-Bages, 5ème Cru Classé, Pauillac 1996
£119.63 btl / £1435.60 dzn ex VAT

Deep ruby red in colour, but not opaque. Aromas are meaty at first over black fruit and then cedar – very rich on the nose. Medium to medium-full bodied with superb, lively acidity that lifts the concentrated black fruit flavours. The tannic structure is tight and concentrated, the finish has good length.    David Allen MW

The 1996 exhibits a dark plum/ruby/purple color that is just beginning to lighten at the edge, surprisingly velvety tannins and a classic Pauillac bouquet of lead pencil shavings, cedarwood, black currants, sweet cherries and spice box. This medium to full-bodied, elegant, savory, broad wine is still five years away from full maturity. It should continue to drink well for another 10-15 years.
Robert Parker Jnr 93/100

PichonLalande1995 - borderPichon-Lalande, 2ème Cru Classé, Pauillac 1995
£149.55 btl / £1794.60 dzn ex VAT

Deep, dark – almost opaque – ruby red. Intense aromas are earthy, with clean cassis perfume and cedar and tobacco notes. The wine has a lovely velvety smooth structure and good depth and intensity of fruit, that is meaty and almost tarry. Length is good acidity is perhaps a little soft. This is a big wine with plenty of potential to develop superbly.
David Allen MW

An exquisite example of Pichon-Lalande with the Merlot component giving the wine a coffee/chocolatey/cherry component to go along with the Cabernet Sauvignon’s and Cabernet Franc’s complex blackberry/cassis fruit. The wine possesses an opaque black/ruby/purple color, and sexy, flamboyant aromatics of pain grille, black fruits, and cedar. Exquisite on the palate, this full-bodied, layered, multidimensional wine should prove to be one of the vintage’s most extraordinary success stories. Anticipated maturity: 2001-2020.    Robert Parker Jnr 96/100

CalonSegur1996 - border
Calon-Ségur, 3ème Cru Classé, St Estephe 1996

£67.07 btl / £804.82 dzn ex VAT

Medium intensity of dark ruby red pigmentation. Vividly dusty aromas with stalky notes and cedar overlaying black fruits. The fruit is tight and well defined, there is tobacco and cedar the fruit is medium bodied and quite lean black fruit with plenty of fine gripping tannins backed by good acidity, The finish is long but quite drying.        David Allen MW

An exceptional wine. Dark ruby-colored, with a complex nose of dried herbs, Asian spices, and black cherry jam intermixed with cassis, it possesses outstanding purity, and considerable tannin in the finish. This classic, medium to full-bodied, traditionally made wine improves dramatically with airing, suggesting it will have a very long life. Anticipated maturity: 2009-2028.    Robert Parker Jnr 92/100

This is just a small selection from our Fine Wine range – download our latest Fine Wine list

If you have specific questions on fine wine, or would like to discuss your fine wine order please contact our Fine Wine Manager David Allen MW.

email: finewines@coevintners.com  telephone: 020 8418 2823

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Introducing The Big 6 Reds

As the nights draw in and with the crispness in the air

As the nights draw in and festive merchandise is creeping into the shops, summer feels like a distant memory. But here at Coe Vintners Fine Wine, we’ve got just the answer to help you into full swing of the seasons ahead.


Bring out the Big 6 – A fantastic selection of bold and busty reds, packed with a punch and a palate of deliciously rich flavours. These wines were made for winter, for hearty stews and nights by the fire.

St Joseph ‘Granilites’ Rouge 2010, Chapoutier
EX VAT £296.60/£24.72    INC VAT £355.92/£29.66

 ‘St_Joseph_Granilites_ChapoutierThe 2010 St.-Joseph Les Granilites exhibits lots of pepper, raspberry, cherry and wet rock notes along with a perfumed, luscious mouthfeel. Medium-bodied and seductive, it is best drunk over the next 4-5 years.’
Robert Parker 90/100 Wine Advocate #204 Dec 2012

Chapoutier has been producing some of the greatest wines in the Rhone Valley for many years, decades, making real wines of terroir from their own vineyards and from carefully selected quality minded growers who share their organic/biodynamic approach. The parcels of vines used for les Granilites are located on the best granite soils of the region. The combination of this steep terroir, higher altitude and wind exposure (including the Mistral) creates ideal conditions for slow fruit maturation which gives “Granilites” a fresh and firm mineral style.

Barbaresco 2008, Giacosa Fratelli
EX VAT  £211.49/£17.62    INC VAT £253.79/£21.14

barbarescoIf you like your wines full bodied, intense and velvety, is the perfect wine for a nippy autumn evening.  Made from Piedmont’s famous Nebbiolo grape, it’s full of mellow ripe cherry fruit, wild flowers, and less you think this is a bit of a pussycat, there’s a darker side to it with some meaty notes together with hints of warm leather and tar.

With a history dating back to the late 19th Century, the Giacosa family uses a combination of technology and innovation alongside traditional techniques on their 50 hectare estate. They  produce a range of wines from extremely modern interpretations to the more fundamental traditional styles.

Black Dog Shiraz 2010, Willow Bridge Estate
EX VAT  £383.29/£31.94    INC VAT £459.95/£38.33

Black Dog Mood hi resClassic Aussie Shiraz – rich, soft and expansive. Bags of sweet plum fruit with hints of mocha and vanilla from the mixture of new and old barrels used.  It’s a pretty chunky red but carries that weight easily and certainly will age – but only if you can keep your hands off it!

Created in 1996, the 180 hectare hillside Willow Bridge Estate is situated in the beautiful Ferguson Valley in Western Australia. This diverse region has a unique climate during the growing season; extremely sunny and dry but tempered by the cooling ocean breezes. At Willow Bridge the vines are planted at higher altitude which allows the grapes to ripen perfectly while retaining aromas and mouth-watering freshness.

 Awards: 94-96 Points – 5 Star Winery – James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2013

Solanes Cims de Porrera 2007, Priorat
EX VAT  £211.03/£17.59    INC VAT £253.24/£21.11

Solanes 2007 Cims de Porrera, Prioratand bold, this silky highly sought after Spanish red is packed with unctuous flavours of deep black fruits, earthy liquorice and a touch of spice.  Serve with a rich winter stew or Sunday roast.

Cims de Porrera, was established in 1996. ‘Cims’ is Catalan for ‘summits’ which reflects how the vines and winery sit at the summit of the Porrera village. The wine is a blend of old vine 45% Carignan, 30% Garnacha, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Syrah/Merlot.

Priorat was elevated to Denominació d’Origen Qualificada status in 2009 – the only other region with this rank is Rioja. In this tiny wine appellation there are only 60 or so bodegas but each bursts with personality, drawing on the region’s ancient and respected wine making history to produce intense and minerally reds of the highest quality.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Jordan Winery,  Alexander Valley 
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Jordan_2009This cracker is an archetypal juicy Californian Cabernet but unlike so many it has a lovely European elegance too – firm, dry and sophisticated Cabernet Sauvignon with cassis, blackberry fruit, with cedary notes hints of vanilla and sweet spices from the oak ageing.

Tom and Sally Jordan were originally from Colorado, but founded Jordan winery in Sonoma County California way back 1976 with the vision of producing world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.  In 2005 their son John took over the business with the aim of elevating the quality of the wines even higher. John together with long serving winemaker Rob Davies aim to craft wines.that will stand out as refreshingly unique in a California line up, drawing inspiration from classic European food-friendly wines such as Cru Classé Bordeaux and Montrachet in Burgundy.

Awards: Restaurant Magazine ‘The Best Wine’ 2013, 2012, 2011
Nominated for American Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast magazine ‘Wine Star Awards 2014’

Malbec ‘Alfa Crux’ Bodega y Vinedos O Fournier 2008
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alfacruxIf you like dark spicy Argentinian malbec or the smooth oaky intensity of classic Spanish reds this wine will hit the spot:  Rich and intense with succulent dark fruit and spicy flavours. A powerful, concentrated and complex wine with fabulous oak flavours and a lot of class. Heaven with lamb or beef.

Established in 2000 by the Fournier family who also have an estate in Ribera del Duero in Spain. ‘Alfa Crux’ is created from the best barrels of malbec produced each year. The vines are planted at high altitude (1200m) in La Consulta, a sub-region of the southern Uco Valley, Mendoza in Argentina. The vines are bush grown rather than trellised to shade the grapes from the direct sun. In this hot climate the grapes ripen fully, with a deep colour, while the altitude and much cooler nights mean that flavours and aromas are still fresh.

Awards: 93 points – The Wine Advocate (Robert Parker), 90 points Wine Spectator.

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